Where the Journey Began: Embracing the Spirit of INFAMOUS COLFAX Ave.

Colfax Avenue, a name that resonates throughout Colorado and beyond, stands as a true emblem of Denver's vibrant character. Once hailed by Hugh Hefner in the 1970s as the "Longest, Wickedest Street in America," Colfax Avenue continues to embody its storied legacy. Stretching 26.1 miles, this iconic road holds a world within its bounds, catering to the rich, the humble, and all that lies in between. As Eazy eloquently put it on The Denver Public Library website, this avenue offers an extraordinary tapestry of experiences that truly has something for everyone.

Yet, amid Colfax's kaleidoscope of colors and flavors, one essential facet was missing – a heartfelt tribute to Colorado's cherished mountain saloons. You know the kind – the cozy woody interiors, the mountain dog donning a bandana eagerly waiting by a jeep parked just outside, the rustic charm of a log cabin infused with the nostalgia of an old country store. Dollar bills and hats suspended from the ceiling, and a cast of stuffed wildlife adorning every corner. These mountain saloons are sanctuaries of comfort, welcoming road-tripping families, bikers, and local mountain dwellers alike. Here, the laughter flows as freely as the beer, and conversations weave the fabric of camaraderie.

It's this genuine and unpretentious atmosphere that we've carried with us to the heart of the city, to the lively stretch of Colfax Avenue. Introducing The Owl Saloon, a haven where the mountain breeze meets the urban pulse. No longer is this city without a homage to the mountain's warm embrace, where locals and those without the time to venture uphill can relish in the simple joys of life.

Bid farewell to the ordinary and usher in a new era, where the Ram makes way for the Owl. Victor Muniz and Jeremy Matzke, better known as the DrinkSlinger, proprietors of Bar Car on the NW corner of Colorado Blvd. & 8th Ave., have embarked on a mission to infuse the spirit of the mountain saloon into the heart of Colfax Avenue. Building upon the success of Bar Car, The Owl Saloon emerges as a locally owned neighborhood gem. A place where comfort and merriment reign, where delectable fare and libations come at prices that won't weigh on your wallet. As champions of community partnerships, we proudly stand as a cornerstone of the neighborhood, fostering connections and shared experiences.

Step through our doors, and you'll find a haven that marries the familiarity of a cozy gathering spot with a sprinkle of local sports spirit. While The Owl Saloon isn't a conventional sports bar, our four expansive televisions ensure you'll never miss a moment of the game-day action. Cheer for the Broncos, our beloved local heroes, as they take the field. Ease into the rhythm of the evening with tunes from our jukebox, set at just the right volume, or surrender to the magic of live music that occasionally graces our stage.

Just like our sister establishment, Bar Car, we pay homage to the legendary icons of rock and roll. The echoes of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson reverberate through our walls as we celebrate their birthdays with spirited live performances.

So, when the itch for mountain saloon hospitality strikes and the need for a memorable evening out beckons, journey to The Owl Saloon on Colfax Avenue. Come, discover who's perched at the bar, and share a cheerful "hello." We promise you'll leave with a heart full of warmth and laughter, and perhaps, just perhaps, a newfound friend to share your next adventure. This is The Owl Saloon, where every night is a hootin', howlin' good time.